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Don`t label me because im just me and I don`t believe in any religion but I do believe that people can choice to be good or evil it`s up to them. I do also believe in karma and giving people the same respect they give me. Im not satanic just like wearing corpse paint at times but it seem`s many peoples minds wont think that way because of the way I am but fuck it! I don`t live to please people just living for the ones I love and for me. I have my own way of dressing and im ok with people disking it. Alot of people wouldn't say shit like this because it seem's many wanna make there page look like there fucking perfect but I'll do it, Im silly, forget things, take a mop and act like it`s a guitar, do odd things, sing in the shower, take funny pictures, burn my food sometimes, not perfect and don't get everything quick but im ok with that because it`s who I am. :)
Im polite, compassionate and protective. I can talk to people about anything but just not how you wanna fuck me and other crap like that. I can accept anyone regardless of their ethnicl/political/like the same sex/ spiritual/ music or religion Just don`t push your views on me because I wouldn`t do it to you. Im not a bad person just a little fucked up in the head but I am a good friend and im not like many people who think they gotta have people they think is sexy. I rather be friends with people who are beautiful in the inside so for those who are fucking stuck up leave my fucking page!! Don`t care about looks, if you got a great personality than I don`t care about looks, if you got a great personality than we will be fine. I want people to like me for my personality and not about how I look. It`s not about how you look because you can be beautiful but if you treat people like shit you will end up alone.. I wouldn`t start my life over again because I believe if you change the past it will change my future and I have no regrets and I learn from the things I have done and what I been through.
  • Listening to: Metal, rock and roll also punk music
  • Reading: History, serial killers, this is gonna hurt
  • Watching: Without a trace, criminal minds, house, the news
  • Playing: Guitar, drums and piano
  • Eating: Chinese food,
  • Drinking: Water and juice, milk shakes


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United States

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